Solar Fan Helmet

Solar Fan Helmet


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Battery power:

  0.3W (power), solar panel diameter 6.8cm, fan diameter 6.5cm


commodity weight:


 Product Size:


product details 

 01. Solar panels

The polycrystalline solar panel adopts a laminate, and the laminate can be exposed to the sun and rain without yellowing.

    Safe without battery, direct solar power

02. Big fan

Directly convert solar energy into electric energy to turn the fan, no battery and switch installed, the sun will turn, no sunlight will not turn, the stronger the sun, the greater the wind, the real intelligent cooling 

 03. Regulator

The size of the hat can be adjusted, and the circumference of the inner sleeve of the hat can be adjusted according to the size of the head, which is suitable for all kinds of people to use~ Don’t worry about whether you can wear it!

 04. Fixed buckle rope

The buckle of the inner sleeve of the hat can be adjusted freely to ensure a firm and comfortable wearing. Don’t worry that the hat will fall.

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