Long-distance travel neck pillow

Long-distance travel neck pillow


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There are many types of travel pillows, from traditional U-shaped to sleeping straps. Why choose only one travel pillow when you can make it yourself and take it all?
After the launch of this revolutionary customizable travel pillow “travel pillow”, you can create your own unique memory foam travel pillow for yourself and your favorite sleeping posture. Its soft, silky fabric will make your head nod instantly-no matter your preferred resting position or stuck in the middle seat!
Carry ultra-lightweight pillows, travel with real comfort and support, rest and relax. Each.
Super comfortable: Relying on perfect in our perfect recovery memory foam pad, luxuriously wrapped in soft, breathable, cool and silky fabric, can better rest and happier neck.
Ultra-light and portable: it weighs only 0.33 pounds when rolled up and is only 4.7 inches in diameter. It can be easily slipped into any belongings or used as a scarf. Removable and washable lid.
Fully supported U-shaped position: more effective, more beautiful and better performance than the traditional U-shaped travel pillow. If you are a traditional travel pillow, this is your ideal choice. Get balanced and balanced support to ensure you wake up your destination refreshed!
Side-supported “turtle” position: It is very suitable for people sleeping on the side, and it will bring a pleasant and comfortable feeling when the head is tilted to the side. It’s like having your own personal shoulder resting on it, even if you are in the middle seat, the shoulder is enough to support your head.
The “comfortable” position of the front chin support: call all floats! If you tend to lower your head, it will provide extra support to cut off your head and prevent your chin from falling forward, keeping your neck and spine neutral.
The “ostrich” position of the head (and eyes!): If you want to lean against the window, it not only provides luxurious memory foam support, but also a pillow that blocks the eyes while gently squeezing your head.
Firm cushioning support: specially made perfect recovery memory foam combines comfortable cushioning and firm support
Luxury and comfort: breathable, fresh, silky and soft, bringing luxury and comfort. The lid can be easily removed and cleaned.
Size: 80x12cm
Material: velvet + memory cotton

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