Help sleep Reduce snoring Pillow

Help sleep Reduce snoring Pillow


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Brand: Conmage

Product name: High and low wave pillow material

Origin: Thai latex

Raw material: pure natural rubber tree SAP

Latex content: 93%

Size: 60 “40 * 10/12 c м

Latex density: 40D

Pillowcase material: Tencel

Suitable for the crowd: shoulder and neck pain and poor sleep quality of the crowd

Suggestions for washing: The pillow core should not be washed, but placed in a cool place for ventilation;Please reverse the coat and wash it separately from other dyed clothes.


Air drying method: after washing, use dry towel/other absorbent material, press with hands to dry, then use electric fan/natural ventilation air drying.

Cleaning method: Since this product will absorb a lot of water and double its weight, try to move it in the water.When taking out and cleaning, do not grab a small corner part and pull it up. It will break due to heavy weight. When cleaning, the way must be like tofu to hold the center of gravity (the middle part) and most of the area, take it out carefully.When collecting vacuum compression collection, not more than half a year, otherwise easy to deformation!When deforming, airing for a day can be restored.

Collection way: do not press heavy objects, do not put in humid high temperature.

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